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About PFF

Oy Pharma Facts Finland Ltd is a service company working in the pharmaceutical field and concentrating in translations of SPC and PL documents, labelling and marketing materials into Finnish and Swedish as well as updating and proofreading of texts to the compendium and database of pharmaceuticals, Pharmaca Fennica. We employ three professionals in the pharmaceutical field. The company was established in 1996 and is located in Vantaa, Finland.


The story of Pharma Facts Finland:

  • The business started in March 1997 in Helsinki, at the same time a branch office was opened in Rauma, western Finland.
  • Services to the pharmaceutical companies were our key elements since the beginning: updating SPC and PL texts to Pharmace Fennica compendium and pharmaceutical databases and preparing supplementary leaflets to put between Pharmaca Fennica.
  • At the beginning of 21st century new services were added to our pallet: translations of pharmaceutical texts, abstracts of the SPCs for marketing materials and text updates to Pegasos health centre program.
  • Today we are located in Vantaa and have extended our selection of services to include also monitoring of adverse reactions and counselling in pricing and reimbursement issues as well as other drug related issues.


Translation services: We translate SPCs, package leaflet and labelling texts as well as marketing materials including various websites from English into Finnish and Swedish and also vice versa. Also translations from other Nordic languages are available.


Database updates: We have years of experience in saving and proofreading of SPCs to the Finnish database and compendium of pharmaceuticals, Pharmaca Fennica. Furthermore our services include updating texts to Pegasos health centre program for health care professionals and package leaflet texts to website.


Marketing services: We prepare abstracts of the SPCs for prescription medicine advertisement and other marketing material. We translate marketing materials, including leaflets and Power Point presentations. We also translate and localise various websites for pharmaceutical companies.


Consulting: We help companies with pricing and reimbursement issues in Finland and also with monitoring of adverse reactions.


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